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 CECA Code of Ethics

CECA members acknowledge the advantages of trading relationships being conducted in a fair and transparent manner.  The confidence that is engendered by collaborative working by all members of the supply chain together with the promotion of a culture of mutual trust benefits all participants and the client.

In order to support this approach CECA has developed, and will promote, this Code of Ethics.

All members of CECA, whatever their role in a supply chain, will use their best endeavours during the course of a project to:

  1. Work together with other supply chain partners in an open, fair and collaborative manner promoting the benefits of team working in order to develop an attitude of trust between all parties
  2. Provide and encourage early involvement of and clear and effective communication lines between relevant supply chain partners to discuss client requirements and identify solutions as to how these might be best met and delivered to the benefit of all.
  3. Choose and negotiate forms and conditions of contract that are compatible throughout the supply chain with equal treatment for all and which ensure that payment for work undertaken is made no later than when it is due.
  4. Work together with other supply chain partners and the client to provide accurate information and to identify, assess, and allocate risk fairly and appropriately having regard to those who may best be able to manage it in terms of cost, programme, and quality.
  5. Provide and maintain a safe and healthy working environment for all taking account of the CECA Health and Safety Action Plan and Strategy.
  6. Employ current best practice in all operations and procedures incorporating innovative solutions for added value where possible, executed by a competent, well-trained, and committed workforce.
  7. Share information on progress and establish systems for monitoring and reporting performance against continuous improvement targets.
  8. Undertake the project with a responsible attitude toward the environment and sustainability issues.